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Camilla Morton's Blog

Saturday, 13 February 2010


Who needs Valentines when you can step the light fandango in this??


A McQueen cloud, nothing to do with the Blizzard... but I wonder with all these live streams and online activities will the designers streamline the lingers, groupies, hangers on and irrelevant that clutter up their shows? Now everyone is a critic, everyone a blogger, everyone it seems can have an opinion, but not everyone can cut it - lets see how the talented survive

Friday, 12 February 2010

Piece of Lee

It was a scrum as I walked through selfridges today... everyone wanted a scarf, a token, a piece of McQueen... The tills were red hot. Every now and then a show, a moment, a memory of fashion moments past would pop into my head. As well as the shocking there was the sublime. Those that experienced one of his early London shows will never forget them... this was when he had everything to prove and nothing to loose, and perhaps then was when his imagination soared to new heights and took London with it. The scarves might be all but sold out... but Shalom getting sprayed in the mental asylum, the ice skaters, the unexpected and the beauty that came with it that was a real fashion moment - something very rare in these times.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Just read the tragic news about McQueen. He was a true original. A true creative. A show that you could always rely on to blow you away. I remember climbing over fences, hiding behind trucks, and planning for an entire day to get into his early shows in London. He set models up smouldering lava lined runways, had them skating, dancing, always something new and unexpected.
He has left an irreplaceable gap in the fashion world.
Too many shows to choose from, but I am sure so many ideas were still to come.... Such a loss