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Camilla Morton's Blog

Monday, 11 May 2009

Guy Bourdin Exhibition opened at the weekend at The Wapping Project. 
If you can't get to the MET its good to see that London is finding ways to show muses in a grittier sexier form
So much has happened since we were last in contact... Where to start?
The MET Ball - and how loyalty proved to be the hottest label of the night.  Forget who was on the red carpet it was all about who was not. 
An exhibition about muses and Supermodels and NO Naomi? NO Linda? NO Christy? NO Stephanie Seymour? The reason? NO Alaia! Mr. Alaia was said to be so miffed that he was no part of the exhibition in the way he should be he asked the girls that he has been so loyal to, and was likely to be dressing not to go. 
And they agreed. 
That for me was the highlight. 

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I wonder should I blog backwards or forwards? 

In a past life I used to blog for and write the show reviews for them.  When they asked me to do a blog I had to google the word before I replied (and agreed).  Now they have several guest musings... but I wonder if, like in relationships, background reading is required, or if indeed it is time to turn over a new leaf. 

I am still baffled that I didn't leave with anything from the Barbara Hulanicki Topshop event.  Its true Posh and I couldn't work out where to go, let alone where to pay, but I was surprised by this rare show of restraint.  I hope I haven't lost the fashion mojo.  Heady doses of vintage is required me thinks.  Am feeling an inappropriate gold wedge, Acne Tux dress and rim of black eye liner - even if I am only going to drop off the dry cleaning. 
Getting to the post office, getting to the cobblers, getting to Browns Open day and then to the South bank my to do list of the day. 

Its nice and sunny out of my window and I am starting to contact the contributors for the next book series (especially as it is the London Book Fair and my publisher from the US is in town). 

Truman Capote wrote 'writing is hard, and you get depressed'.  There is a stage when you are depressed, not there yet.  I am at the spring clean the house and do every odd job and distractable distraction before you settle down stage. 

No wonder this Bubble wrap is my screen saver... and its eco friendly too I guess....

Must put the glad rags on in an hour and head up to Browns.  Browns is the only press day I am going to this year.  I don't like making false promises, and I always seem to get caught agreeing to write an article, interview an unknown, or run a marathon if I am not careful... But Browns, well they had me on the opening credits... 

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Ignoring all my deadlines I trawled through my in-box.... press days after press days after more hateful hours away from my computer press days.... but here is the BEST invite ever....
I'll be beating off the shoulder pads to get there... 
Today I had lunch with Mrs. B - if fashion has a Fairy Godmother it is she.  We went to Sotheby's Cafe and over treacle tart it really did seem possible that the world could be put to rights.  As usual I got seduced back to Browns after lunch and even after dessert still slipped into an Acne skirt, and dress, and good gracious there were the Manolos I bought mid 'I am going to a wedding tonight' panic.  Credit Crunch is all a matter of opinion.  If you live in a world of fashion make believe you can simply live happily ever after and float home via the Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop preview.  Her iconic illustrations were on vest tops, mini mini dresses and silk scarves and held in Millers I imagine the scramble to get on the guest list was what Biba must have been like.  I liked the illustration of the shoe best - it reminded me of the Rene Gruau cards I had picked up in Harrods the other day.  I wanted to speak to Barbara but there was an even bigger queue to get to her than there was to try stuff on, and when I weighed up the queues, I didn't really have anything that bright to say.  The life of the light headed shopper is a tricky one. One day I must get a grown up job. 
I started with a jog - not through choice - but I didn't have the excess energy to argue with my friend as she rang on the doorbell this morning.  I felt like the female version of Simon Pegg in Run Fat Boy Run - and I was only trying to get to the end of the road a mere eyelash compared to a marathon.  Shudder.  I am so impressed by the people I know who are doing it this weekend... I unfortunately wrote a book called How To Walk In High Heels so can only imagine some sparky PR suggesting I do it in heels.  NO. 
Once my pulse returned the jogger showed me how she had been leaping about in a leotard under Eros. No seriously.
All the Single Ladies - all 100 of them.  Well Eros can't have known where to look let alone fire.  

Monday, 20 April 2009

I have just been sent a love box - it is full of the most beautiful, precious pieces of a thoughtful mind.  There is a book on flowers, a George Sands Classic, an original Ladybird book and two packets of Kisses (chocolates!)... and all a total surprise.  Well that is one way to start the week. 
Went to a wedding - sorry THE wedding at the weekend - where the bride looked like a real life angel and the groom had a smile so wide the cherry blossom and guests seemed to be sprinkled with stardust... I don't know why I had turned the whole of Covent Garden upside down as to what to wear... A few Ginger Cocktails in and no one would have known.  It is a difficult task dressing for a wedding.  I like black, but this is the day to give black the day off.  BUT when the black dress is an Alaia it is a hard call.  However after going to every underwear store I could think of the backless Purple Jil Sander seemed to be a rather big stress (with its one stitch holding it in place).  So - ever practical - I bought a 99 icecream and went home via a new pair of Manolos - in lavendar suede.  It might be a credit crunch but there is no point being miserable AND down at the heel...  Manolos lift the soul - and are the perfect plus one when stepping out on your own. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

There has been an appalling lapse in my blogging... Would you believe me if I said I couldn't find the password and couldn't remember how to access? Well, that is true, but also I got caught up in the whirl of fashion, life, travel and not having the right shoes... 
Now I am back.  My brief affair with Twitter seemed to confirm to twit was a twits game. 
I have sent out requests for the new book, and I am starting to chase these.  Starting a book is like starting to tidy your room or do something you would rather avoid.  There are lots of things I can and will do to delay for as long as possible. 
For example there is the weather and the dressing dos and don'ts this presents, the excess of easter and the relief that layering and lycra is in, and that finally I can see - now that Sam Mc has cut my hair. 
Running out of excuses.  Better go feed the cat. 

Thursday, 26 February 2009

How can it be Thursday when I was intending to do this every day of Fashion Week?!??!
I was blogging like a maniac on and doing my how to get through fash week guide and then neglected you. 
Well, I neglected you less than the twittering that had to end mid week. My mobile couldn't do it and I couldn't cope (or honestly see the point). 
Just about to dash to lunch but didn't want to leave you for so long. 
I will send links to my show musings and will talk about Stephen Jones later. 
I must start my new books.  Today I had the windows measured in the office.  So many ways to avoid knuckling down. Off to see He's Just Not That into You tonight. Believe me I could have told you this for free... 

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Check out I am going to be blogging for them from the shows... and I am going to try and not neglect my own dot dot com.... I am afraid though I am one of the last people in the world to not own a Blackberry or iphone... Like to play a bit hard to get, but sometimes I think I am too good at playing hard to get.... Got the shoes and hat sorted for Stephen Jones' opening... only debate is the dress - pink hat, pink shoes - pink dress or LBD? Galliano or Alaia? Must get the straight mans opinion.... 
London Fashion Week has started... drove past the tents today. I then got totally distracted by a picture of a pair of Manolos and ended up in his store... Well looking the part is all part of the parcel.  I don't know why anyone ever goes anywhere else.   Cinderella stop here.
Must get out to the exhibition and have a look at the stands - I like doing this early at the weekend as there are always so so many more aisles than you'd think. 
I hope that London is hungry, creative, buzzing... I remember when I was a student I would plot and plan and build up for this week for months... You know blagging in was half the buzz of going... I wonder how many people are blagging it this year.  They are the ones I want to watch... 

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

made my requests for fashion week.  hate that part.  its like asking to go to a wedding and you know you shouldn't do that.... but if you wait to be asked what if they don't?? and what if you really do have to sit next to the ugly step sister or worse a spiteful editor??! Its no wonder people rather watch it on the web... I might keep some of the painkillers I got from my teeth extraction for Paris. The need may be great. 
Just watched the Brits.  Where did all these bands come from? As for the clothes.  Blip. 
Count Down to Stephen Jones opening... I went and bought an Alaia dress in case I don't fit in the proposed Galliano sample when it arrives... can you imagine?? 

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Love the blatant disregard for the credit what in NY - Thakoon sent fur flying in all shades and Marc seems to be doing some Transvision Vamp remake... Its all about restyling the recession. Not sure this Confessions of a Shopaholic really knows the meaning of splurge...and before you shake your fist at me don't... I am an observer... 
love conquers all things except poverty and toothache... so said Mae West... she's right about the tooth ache.  But drawing a veil over this (quite literally a Stephen Jones one...) its all about hats. 
Went to Great Queen Street to pick a fondant fancy for his V&A opening Monday night.  Went thinking Marie Antoinette, left with what is going to have to be a modern spin on Barbara Cartland... eck gads.... No - its GORGEOUS - by name and by design and will go marvellously with the spring summer Galliano dress I have borrowed... 
Its hard work being Fabulous - to quote - which seems odd - Victoria Beckham  - but truth be told I quite agree... Why be shy ????

Monday, 16 February 2009

There is a strange mist around fashion week at the moment - maybe its because I am not there - maybe its because I am a lot of painkillers but the new season seems very far away.  Time to start a new book project I think.  I haven't actually written one in a few years.  Editing just seems to be endlessly tweaking and trimming. 
Eastenders about to start.  Better stop.  Priorities. 
New York Fashion Week.  Thakoon, Marc, and I am sat in bed with a jaw full of stitches, brilliant timing to get the wisdom teeth out this week....