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Camilla Morton's Blog

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Its a full time job doing a blog - I don't know how other people do it....
Golden Globes:
Jennifer Aniston
Emily Blunt
Drew Barrymore
and of course Marion Cotillard in Dior

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Wish I could say more.... I am in a Dior bliss bubble. Didn't even mind that the train was late.
Spencer Tracey said 'I don't want to go to heaven I want to go to Claridges'. I agree - but could we first go via Dior?
Just returned from day trip to Paris.
Chic, sassy, sexy sexy. Can't wait for couture!!!
I love John

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

God Save McQueen!
Some shoes are too cool to be stored - and too tricky for snow... but these bring out the best in a Brit

Monday, 11 January 2010

For a really lovely blog go onto Fifi Lapin's blog - this chic little bunny rabbit has the ears and eyes to pick up some of my favourite fashion labels - and the illustrations are gorgeous - check out the shoes!!!

This is going to be A YEAR IN HIGH HEELS... well OK maybe not EVERY DAY in HIGH HEELS (errr... snow!) but I am going to blog from a footseye view... so no way could I start this in anything other than a Manolo...
Snow played havoc with my footwear - but also with everyone being back at work it was a whirlwind so impossible to stick with new years resolutions.

Three new pairs of shoes later we are going to try again with more resolve this week.

I will also finish the final part of the new book.... more later

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I met a jewellery designer before Christmas... I was wondering up the road to buy a paper, and the latest issue of Grazia, when I spied a Pop Up Shop right in my path... I looked in the window to see Daisy Knights Jewellery. Feathers, Butterflies, and collections based on her friends and what they inspire (Michelle, Ameila, Lulu, Rosie Petal, Molly some of my favourites). Tallulah Harlech inspired a collection of chunky rebel rings, the feathers looked like angels wings, and the staking rings were affordable enough to pile up... Oh dear...
Have a look on her website, she is a new name, but I think she will be in all the best locations, and on all the best fingers...
That went well, the old 'I will blog every day' mantra... The thing is the 'back to work' thing threw more chaos at my desk than the snow did to the rest of the UK...

It is not the weather for my Manolos as Dancing on Ice seems to have hit the pavements. My beaten up Dior biker boots, and Anna Sui Fit Flops, seem to be coping with the weather, but not sure how they will fair should the weather get any wilder.

Meant to deliver first draft of new book this week... and still not worked out how to upload a photo yet. Never mind, took down the tree (Twelfth Night Rule) that was decorated in High Heels and tinsel. Have a lovely day...

Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year and really high time I got this blog thing under control....
My friend Kate got a copy of my book before Christmas, Polish edition, so clicked on my blog to see what I did... Sorry. It is my resolve to try harder this year. It has only taken me a week to work out *and reset my password.... and to upload pictures we could be waiting till summer.
I was thinking about doing A YEAR IN HIGH STREET - due to the Zara wedges and warm winter puffalot coat I have been wearing... but already the January Sales tempted me back to the dark side with Tabitha Simmons... now must go earn my keep.