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Camilla Morton's Blog

Monday, 20 April 2009

I have just been sent a love box - it is full of the most beautiful, precious pieces of a thoughtful mind.  There is a book on flowers, a George Sands Classic, an original Ladybird book and two packets of Kisses (chocolates!)... and all a total surprise.  Well that is one way to start the week. 
Went to a wedding - sorry THE wedding at the weekend - where the bride looked like a real life angel and the groom had a smile so wide the cherry blossom and guests seemed to be sprinkled with stardust... I don't know why I had turned the whole of Covent Garden upside down as to what to wear... A few Ginger Cocktails in and no one would have known.  It is a difficult task dressing for a wedding.  I like black, but this is the day to give black the day off.  BUT when the black dress is an Alaia it is a hard call.  However after going to every underwear store I could think of the backless Purple Jil Sander seemed to be a rather big stress (with its one stitch holding it in place).  So - ever practical - I bought a 99 icecream and went home via a new pair of Manolos - in lavendar suede.  It might be a credit crunch but there is no point being miserable AND down at the heel...  Manolos lift the soul - and are the perfect plus one when stepping out on your own.