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Camilla Morton's Blog

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

There has been an appalling lapse in my blogging... Would you believe me if I said I couldn't find the password and couldn't remember how to access? Well, that is true, but also I got caught up in the whirl of fashion, life, travel and not having the right shoes... 
Now I am back.  My brief affair with Twitter seemed to confirm to twit was a twits game. 
I have sent out requests for the new book, and I am starting to chase these.  Starting a book is like starting to tidy your room or do something you would rather avoid.  There are lots of things I can and will do to delay for as long as possible. 
For example there is the weather and the dressing dos and don'ts this presents, the excess of easter and the relief that layering and lycra is in, and that finally I can see - now that Sam Mc has cut my hair. 
Running out of excuses.  Better go feed the cat.