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Camilla Morton's Blog

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I started with a jog - not through choice - but I didn't have the excess energy to argue with my friend as she rang on the doorbell this morning.  I felt like the female version of Simon Pegg in Run Fat Boy Run - and I was only trying to get to the end of the road a mere eyelash compared to a marathon.  Shudder.  I am so impressed by the people I know who are doing it this weekend... I unfortunately wrote a book called How To Walk In High Heels so can only imagine some sparky PR suggesting I do it in heels.  NO. 
Once my pulse returned the jogger showed me how she had been leaping about in a leotard under Eros. No seriously.
All the Single Ladies - all 100 of them.  Well Eros can't have known where to look let alone fire.