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Camilla Morton's Blog

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Getting to the post office, getting to the cobblers, getting to Browns Open day and then to the South bank my to do list of the day. 

Its nice and sunny out of my window and I am starting to contact the contributors for the next book series (especially as it is the London Book Fair and my publisher from the US is in town). 

Truman Capote wrote 'writing is hard, and you get depressed'.  There is a stage when you are depressed, not there yet.  I am at the spring clean the house and do every odd job and distractable distraction before you settle down stage. 

No wonder this Bubble wrap is my screen saver... and its eco friendly too I guess....

Must put the glad rags on in an hour and head up to Browns.  Browns is the only press day I am going to this year.  I don't like making false promises, and I always seem to get caught agreeing to write an article, interview an unknown, or run a marathon if I am not careful... But Browns, well they had me on the opening credits...