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Camilla Morton's Blog

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Today I had lunch with Mrs. B - if fashion has a Fairy Godmother it is she.  We went to Sotheby's Cafe and over treacle tart it really did seem possible that the world could be put to rights.  As usual I got seduced back to Browns after lunch and even after dessert still slipped into an Acne skirt, and dress, and good gracious there were the Manolos I bought mid 'I am going to a wedding tonight' panic.  Credit Crunch is all a matter of opinion.  If you live in a world of fashion make believe you can simply live happily ever after and float home via the Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop preview.  Her iconic illustrations were on vest tops, mini mini dresses and silk scarves and held in Millers I imagine the scramble to get on the guest list was what Biba must have been like.  I liked the illustration of the shoe best - it reminded me of the Rene Gruau cards I had picked up in Harrods the other day.  I wanted to speak to Barbara but there was an even bigger queue to get to her than there was to try stuff on, and when I weighed up the queues, I didn't really have anything that bright to say.  The life of the light headed shopper is a tricky one. One day I must get a grown up job.